Avery Lauren Welling | Age: 11 | FC: Chloe Lukasiak | Dancer | OPEN

Avery was a born dancer, like her mother. She was enrolled alongside her sister in dance and it all came very naturally to the outgoing girl. She made it on the competition team easily and won many crowns and privates. Avery has a very close bond with her sister- often threatening to quit dance if she couldn’t come along. After joining Caimbrie’s clique, she seems to be on top of the world.

Camryn Lia Welling | Age: 11 | FC: Autumn Miller | Dancer | OPEN

Camryn was put into dance before she could walk. Though it did not come as naturally to her as her sister, she had the passion for dance, and the willingness to work. She put in extra hours at home, private lessons, and dancing in the halls as much as she could. Camryn wanted her natural outgoingness and dance ability. However, her hard work has paid off, her dance skill raising everyday. Camryn has a new found confidence from joining Caimbries clique, and she might finally be able to break out of her shell.

The Wellings girls are a team, and they don’t do anything without the other. When Avery won first at nationals, Camryn wanted to do the same, winning first at the next two competitions. Though they are each others biggest competition, the girls remain best friends.

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